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How to choose a packaging machine manufacturer

time:2020-02-24   Views:25

At present, there are many domestic packaging machine manufacturers. For so many packaging machine manufacturers in the market, how to choose?

Xiao Bian thinks that grasp and several points, choose the packaging machine manufacturer is not confused.

1. Does the vacuum packaging machine meet its own needs (packaging method, size, parameters, capacity, effect, etc.)

2. The vacuum packaging machine has good performance and stability, and the recommended configuration is reasonable (recommendation of vacuum pump, number of sealing strips, and type of vacuum packaging machine). With proper configuration, stable and efficient operation can be achieved after production.

3. The price is fair. You can understand the configuration and materials of the machinery and equipment, where the equipment is expensive, why it is cheap, and why it is cheap. From the perspective of long-term machinery and equipment production, use the vision and consider whether the price of the machinery and equipment is appropriate.

4. Inspect the factory and go to the factory for a site inspection to understand the technology of the machine and equipment as well as the manufacturer's technology and supply capacity.

5. Good service attitude and timely response to after-sales maintenance services. No matter how good the packaging machine manufacturer promises, there will be a probability of failure of the moving machinery and equipment, but the machinery and equipment manufacturers who are brave enough to take responsibility will solve the problem in a timely and effective manner when the machinery and equipment fails.

It must also be explained here that the purchase of equipment by the purchaser of machinery and equipment is to create profit, and the purpose of the vacuum packaging machine manufacturer to sell and sell machinery and equipment is also to achieve win-win cooperation. This is an unavoidable objective fact, so we all have Must accept. For the same money, some people are satisfied with the machinery and equipment they buy, and some people are idle and useless, so it is important to choose the right packaging machine manufacturer.

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