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Analysis on Treatment Methods of Excessive Dust in Vibrating Screener

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Feeder of vibrating screen: Due to the large amount of material piled up in the vibrating screen, it is easy to produce more dust, especially for some large-capacity vibrating screen equipment with an output of about 1,000 tons, the amount of dust is very large. A closed silo and a feed port can be added above the equipment to seal the connection to reduce the chance of raw materials being exposed to the outside. Conveying through a belt conveyor inside the silo can also speed up the material transfer speed.

Discharge of vibrating screen: Due to the fact that the discharge opening of the vibrating screen and the splicing equipment are not well-sealed, the dust may be flying. If necessary, a soft connection should be made at the spout. The computer's intelligent control is adopted to realize the automatic operation without manual operation. Discharge can greatly reduce dust emission during the discharge process.

Dust during vibration: Due to the strong vibration during the operation of the shaker, a large amount of dust will also be generated. On the one hand, it is necessary to seal the outside of the equipment, and on the other hand, the dust removal equipment configured on the equipment is also very necessary.

Small method to reduce dust generation of vibrating screen

1. The tilting angle of the vibrating screen, the vibrator is placed at an angle of 45 °. In this way, the material can be pushed forward, and if necessary, a transverse rib can be added to the pipeline, so that even the upward slope will not hinder the feed of the material and will not generate more dust.

2. The sealing cover (dust cover) of the vibrating screen and the box are usually fixed by bolts. A slight gap between the dust cover and the box is unavoidable. The distance between the dust cover and the box should be minimized as much as possible. Gap, so in the daily work process, it should be constantly tightened to avoid the escape of dust due to loose parts.

3. The location of the dust distribution of the vibrating screen is relatively dense, not only on the screen surface, but also between the screen surface and the gap between the feeding surface and the dust, so various protective measures can be taken to make the vibrating screen free of dust. Dust screening.

In addition, in daily production, remember to regularly check the fasteners of the vibrating screen to avoid additional vibration due to looseness of individual components. Regular maintenance of the vibrating screen equipment is required to ensure the health of the screening equipment. The key is.

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